The Bastard Lounge

Misinformed, angry, coffee-addled ranting.


The Bastard Lounge was founded in 2012 as a personal blog but quickly grew into a site dedicated to humorous articles and outright misanthropy. As the title may suggest, some of the content within the site may not be suitable for younger readers. Or older ones. Or boring people. Basically, anyone who’s offended by the word ‘fuck’.

Recently, The Bastard Lounge has expanded to take on work from Guest Writers looking to expand their portfolio or who simply want an outlet for their simmering rage.

The Bastard Lounge covers pretty much every topic under the sun, from trivial matters like sexism and racism all the way up to much more important stuff like how to deal with people with stupid haircuts.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with The Bastard Lounge, click here.


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