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A Retraction.

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article defending Guilty Pleasures. It wasn’t a fantastic piece, but for the most part I was happy with it. Until I realised a mistake I had inadvertently made.

In defending peoples’ right to like shit things, I totally undermined the entire philosophy of this blog – to take things that people enjoy, mercilessly point out how shit they are and then mock people who like them and call them names because I’m a child.

So consider this an apology – I sincerely apologise to anyone who may have read my last article and mistakenly believed that it heralded a new age of enlightened, mature writing in which I finally made peace with the little differences and idiosyncrasies that make up humankind.

Fuck that.

I backed myself into a corner in the article by insulting Dubstep and Made In Chelsea, but then suggesting that it was okay for people to like these things. That’s simply not the case. You will like what I tell you to like. Or when I come to power (I currently have a team of people scouring the globe recruiting a militia. I’ve even got henchmen and an underwater lair), you’ll be the first into the labour camps. And you will be forced to watch Made In Chelsea on loop until you bleed out through your eyeballs like the rest of us do whenever it’s on.

You have been warned.

Have a pleasant day



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